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Dear Aupair,
We are a fam­i­ly of four. We are L. (our lit­tle 6 years old boy), G. (our
lit­tle 2 years old girl), A. (the mom) and J. (me, the dad). We live in a
city in the south of Spain named Carta­ge­na, close to Mur­cia.
My par­ents live in Carta­ge­na too and they have also anoth­er home in the beach, Cabo de Palos, twen­ty min­utes from Carta­ge­na, where we go to vis­it some week­ends
and part of our vaca­tions.

Our city is locat­ed in a spe­cial area, sur­round­ed by
nature and beach, with all the fun and ameni­ties you may need. We have
the­aters, cin­e­mas, library, an incred­i­ble indoor pool and sport cen­ter with all
type of activ­i­ties you could imag­ine.

We have also an offi­cial lan­guage school
and all the gov­ern­ment offices for every­thing you may need. My wife, Ana
works as a nurse in a pub­lic hos­pi­tal in the city, in the pedi­atric ser­vice, and I
work in the mil­i­tary Arse­nal, I am post­ed in the build­ing of sub­marines from
the Span­ish navy.

L. is going to start the first year of pri­ma­ry class at a
school about ten min­utes walk from home, while G. is going to start in a
Eng­lish nurs­ery school very close to Lucas school. We like hik­ing, trav­el­ing
and spend­ing time with friends and fam­i­ly, but what we like the most is to
spend all the time we can play with our chil­dren.
We real­ly can ́t get bored when they are around. We would like to have some­one who wants to share his/her time with us hav­ing fun with our lit­tle chil­dren. Our main goal is our kids to get the most Eng­lish input we can pro­vide them and we think that
hav­ing some­one whose moth­er tongue is Eng­lish or some­one who is bilin­gual
or has a real good lev­el in Eng­lish would help us on our jour­ney to help our
chil­dren in the Eng­lish Lan­guage.

We offer a real­ly nice envi­ron­ment and all the help you may need to get your Span­ish improved, an we will sure­ly talk to you in our moth­er tongue any­time. You won ́t regret liv­ing with us. Our flat is an 130 square meters home, we have two bath­rooms (one would be for you and the chil­dren) and the oth­er would be for us. You will have the opportunity

to have a nice bed­room with a brand new dou­ble bed and fur­ni­ture. You will
also have your own desk in your room in case you want some privacy. 

We will do every­thing we can to help you feel at home but at the same time we will
ask you to be respon­si­ble and respect­ful with your duties and of course with
our fam­i­ly. If you decide we are the type of fam­i­ly you would like to live with,
please get in con­tact with us and we will be hap­py to answer any pos­si­ble
ques­tion or sug­ges­tion you may have. This is our first time we are going to
have an aupair at home and we want it to be a great expe­ri­ence for both.
Many thanks for your attention.

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Ver­füg­barkeit: 0–6 Monate Start Som­mer
Job Typ: Aupair
Aupair Job Loca­tion: Carta­ge­na Spanien
Aupair Geschlecht: weib­lich
Deutsch Sprach­niveau: C1
Englisch Sprach­niveau: C1
Führerschein: Führerschein nicht zwin­gend nötig
Fahrrad fahren: viel
Kochken­nt­nisse: viel
Schwim­men: viel
Kinder­be­treu­ungser­fahrung: viel
Fam­i­lie lebt in: Großs­tadt
Anzahl Kinder: 2
Alter Kinder: 2 7
Fam­i­lien­si­t­u­a­tion: Gast­vater & Gast­mut­ter

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