Gastfamilie Parb. | Manzanares

Dear Au Pair,
My name is M. and my daugh­ter is O., we are both a
fam­i­ly. O. is 9 years old.
So far, we don’t have any pets at home but we are both think­ing
about the chance of get­ting a dog or a cat.
O. is quite a sporty girl; she does triathlon and air acro­bat­ics
in silks dur­ing the week.
She is also a moun­tain lover; it takes a lit­tle while to take her out
of the house but when she does, she feels real­ly hap­py.
She loves swim­ming, lit­tle fish she is, danc­ing and being sil­ly.
Also likes meet­ing with friends at the park, main square or at home.
For us, it is real­ly impor­tant that the per­son who will come to live
with us, will feel com­fort­able and cozy with both of us, feel­ing free to
share with us films and pop­corn and also feel­ing free to have time on
her/his own. She can join us in every fam­i­ly activ­i­ty when­ev­er she feels
like it.
I was an Au Pair when I was young and I under­stand the fact that you
need fam­i­ly time and free time on your own.

We live in a town in the north of Madrid called Man­zanares el
Real, it is about 40 km away from Madrid cen­ter. It is a qui­et and
beau­ti­ful town sur­round­ed by moun­tains with a sin­gu­lar cas­tle and a
big reser­voir.
There is good pub­lic trans­port to get to Madrid and around. There
is a local bus that takes you straight to Madrid and also you can get a train (train sta­tion is 15 km away from Man­zanares) to
dif­fer­ent loca­tions in Madrid cen­ter.
If you have a dri­ving license, you can also take my car.

Man­zanares, even though it is a small town (8000 pop­u­la­tion),
has many activ­i­ties going on, street mar­kets, yoga, the­atre, con­certs,
moun­tain hikes, nice peo­ple, etc.

I work in the emer­gency ser­vice of a hos­pi­tal in Alcor­con, one
hour dri­ve from where we live. I do 12 hours shifts that go like this:
day/night/off/off/off/day/night.… and so on.
It is usu­al­ly always like that although some­times my shifts can be
changed due to exter­nal rea­sons.
So, for me, it is very impor­tant that you can be flex­i­ble with this, as
well as I will be real­ly flex­i­ble too, for instance, if you have booked a
week­end off, I will do any­thing to try not to work that week­end. I will
always do my best to accom­mo­date my needs with your needs.

You will be with O. from 8 am, wak­ing up time, until she goes to
school at 9 am.
Then you will have the whole morn­ing off until 15/15.30, time to
pick up O. from school.
In the after­noon you will have to take her to after school activ­i­ties,
home­work, show­er and dinners.

I will be back at 22.30.

I WILL LEAVE TO WORK AT 19.30. Then you will be respon­si­ble
for fin­ish­ing home­work with her, show­er, din­ner and putting O. to bed at a rea­son­able time.
Next morn­ing duties are wak­ing her up, break­fast and tak­ing her to

Eng­lish and Sci­ence home­work and study just one hour in the
after­noon before or after O.’s after school activities.

About house work duties, I only ask for those that keep liv­ing togeth­er
easy and com­fy.
We will share all the domes­tic duties.

We life in a nice flat with a huge ter­race fac­ing the riv­er.
It has got 3 bed­rooms, two bath­rooms, kitchen and liv­ing room.
Your bed­room is full of nat­ur­al light, with a bed, wardrobe, shelf and
We live 5 min­utes walk­ing dis­tance from the school and the cen­ter of
the town.
There are places where you can learn Span­ish in the town.
Con­cern­ing the lan­guage to speak at home, it is basic for me
that the AuPair will always talk in Eng­lish to O
. It will be dif­fi­cult at
first that O. will answer back in Eng­lish but lit­tle by lit­tle she will.
I will speak to you always in Span­ish so you can learn the lan­guage at home, too.

Kle­in­stadt Man­zanares | 40 km von Madrid entfernt

Ver­füg­barkeit: 6–12 Monate ab sofort
Job Typ: Aupair
Aupair Job Loca­tion: Man­zanares Spanien
Aupair Geschlecht: weib­lich
Deutsch Sprach­niveau: C1
Englisch Sprach­niveau: B2
Führerschein: Führerschein vorhan­den
Fahrrad fahren: viel
Kochken­nt­nisse: viel
Schwim­men: viel
Kinder­be­treu­ungser­fahrung: viel
Fam­i­lie lebt in: Kle­in­stadt
Anzahl Kinder: 1
Alter Kinder: 10
Fam­i­lien­si­t­u­a­tion: Allein­erziehend Gast­mut­ter
Haustiere: keine

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